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October Quickening 2001 Page2.
Bill Tricarico
1991 3000GT VR4
East Islip, NY
Jerry Scolamiero
1993 Stealth RT/TT
Exeter, NH
Al Carreiro
1992 Stealth RT
New Bedford, MA
Dave Danielson
1993 Dodge Stealth ES
East Providence, RI
Andy Carberry
1993 3000GT VR4
Sharon, CT
Joel Kalishman
1993 3000GT VR4
Brooklyn, NY
Eric Bowden
1993 Stealth RT
Charlotte, NC
Gil Gomes
1995 3000GT Base
Seekonk, MA
Hal Winslow
1996 3000GT VR4
James Doctor
1997 3000GT BASE
Montvale, NJ
Richard Ribeiro
1995 3000GT SL
, MA
Eric Lotter
1995 3000GT VR4
East Sandwich, MA
Stefan Schueller
1994 3000GT SL
Carlisle, MA
Jeff Schwartz
1995 3000GT VR4
Wading River, NY
Jimmy Maffucci
1996 3000GT VR4
New Rochelle, NY
Luis Jaquez
1994 3000GT VR4
Quincy, MA
Darren Schilberg
1995 3000GT VR4
Pittsburgh, PA
Melissa Lotter
1992 Stealth ES
East Sandwich, MA
Shawn Duvall
1991 Stealth ES
Jewett City, CT
Steve Sirota
1994 3000GT VR4
Nashua, NH
Lorne Silkes
1994 3000GT VR4
Sharon, MA
Juan Namnin
1997 3000GT VR4
, NJ
Paul Butkiewicz
'92 Stealth RT/TT
Norwood, MA
October Quickening 2001 Page2.
    The Quickening 2001 3SI gathering was held on October 12-14, 2001. Friday night started with 1/4 mile runs at Epping, NH. I didn't make it to NH, but it sounded like a great time was had by all. I also missed the Poker Run that covered just over 100 miles of Cape Cod. A lot of people commented on the excellent route. Thanx to Eric Lotter's mom for taking the time to painstakingly map it out.

    We had a car show in the mini-mall near the Big Dipper in Sandwich on a cold and dreary Saturday. Steve Sirota showed up with his "new" red 1994 VR4. Gorgeous car and we wish him the best of luck with her.

    We headed off to an indoor cookout just down the street from the car show. Justin Lotter performed chef duties and cooked chicken, ribs, hot dogs and delicious grilled potatoes. Since we didn't have a radio handy, Eric Bowden backed his 222HP stereo into the building and cranked out some tunes.

    Just like last year... a number of the diehards headed over to Braintree, MA for mini-F1 racing on an indoor track. And I missed it again...