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October Quickening 2000 Page2. October Quickening 2000 Page3.
Bill Tricarico
1991 3000GT VR4
East Islip, NY
Jerry Scolamiero
1993 Stealth RT/TT
Exeter, NH
Al Carreiro
1992 Stealth RT
New Bedford, MA
Jeanne Timpson
1994 3000GT Base
Newport, RI
Aleksas Hauser
1994 Stealth Base
Lexington, MA
Joel Kalishman
1993 3000GT VR4
Brooklyn, NY
Erik Bowden
1993 Stealth RT
Charlotte, NC
Gil Gomes
1995 3000GT Base
Seekonk, MA
Ken Ellis
1994 Stealth RT/TT
Taunton, MA
Mike Kopec
1996 3000GT VR4
Tom's River, NJ
Frank Chen
1992 3000GT VR4
Paramus, NJ
Erik Lotter
1995 3000GT VR4
East Sandwich, MA
Stefan Schueller
1994 3000GT SL
Carlisle, MA
Jeff Schwartz
1995 3000GT VR4
Wading River, NY
Jimmy Maffucci
1996 3000GT VR4
New Rochelle, NY
Tom Broadbent
1995 3000GT SL
Lynn, MA
Darren Schilberg
1995 3000GT VR4
Pittsburgh, PA
Melissa Lotter
1992 Stealth ES
East Sandwich, MA
Steve Sirota
1992 Stealth ES
Nashua, NH
October Quickening 2000 Page2. October Quickening 2000 Page3.

    The Quickening 2000 3SI gathering was held on the Columbus Day weekend, October 6-8, 2000. The plan was to get in a few 1/4 mile runs at Epping, NH, but the weather wasn't cooperative.We went to an IHOP in Hyanis for supper on Friday night... But... The waitress restricted 15 people to three booths. The place was nearly empty, go figure. So... we moved on to a pizza house just down the street and had a better meal, in a better atmosphere for less money. Life is good.

    We all went for a run down the Cape Cod coast on Saturday morning and grouped up on a pretty beach in Falmouth for a photo op. Drew quite a crowd of gawkers asking if these were Mitsubishi Eclipses... (koff!) We then got seperated after gassing up and went to our car show in Sandwich, MA. a little early. After the show we met in ANOTHER pizza house to pass out the awards.

    Some of us stayed and had pizza, again, and others went out for good old Cape Cod seafood. We then hit a couple of clubs. Some of us hung around and closed "Starbucks". But some of the older folk bailed at around midnight.

    To close out the weekend, a number of the diehards headed over to Braintree, MA for mini-F1 racing on an indoor track. Great way to end the season...