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Assembled at BCC left side
Assembled at BCC right side
Late Arrivals
At The Shopping Center
The whole lineup at the Shopping Center
Jean's Custom Seatcovers
Nick Duda
Sebastion Pelka
Tom Broadbent
Ken Ellis
Andy Carberry
Jean Timpson
Stefan Schueller
Matt Demicco
Gil Gomes

       We toured Newport, turned a lot of heads, dealt with a lot of numb-nut drivers and took in some gorgeous scenery. There's nothing like the sight of 10 3SI machines in a row passing by the mansions on Bellevue Ave. We then headed over to Brenton Point Park and watched an amazing assortment of kites, before we made a Park Ranger a little nervous and moved on.

       We met up with Jean Timpson at another strip mall where we had a couple of  local Police Officers get a little bitchy about blocking the lanes... So we moved on yet again. After another cruise around Newport and down Thames Street, we headed over to Jean's place for a cook out. Car talk, good food, good people and a lopsided rabbit. Does it get any better than this?

       Thanx to Jean and her mom for the cookout and a large helping of hospitality. They made everybody feel right at home. Thanx to Ken Ellis for putting this cruise together and being traffic director. We were getting used to seeing him run past us shouting directions...