Last updated on... 11/27/2005

      Firstly... is not directly affiliated with It is, however, a member of the 3SI community. This website was initially designed to graphically display 3SI automobiles, and the many mods that are being performed on them, in order to share these mods with other 3SI owners. We hope to move others to engineer the same, or similar, modifications in an effort to stimulate ongoing enhancements... In other words we want to provide a website where you can show off the nasty things you've done to your ride...

      I've had a few comments on how difficult it is to back out of this website. Some of these comments utilized a fairly diverse lexicon of four letter words. I was accused of "locking the user into the website." What's actually going on is a series of Java scripts sniffing out what type of browser you have, what version it is and what resolution you're displaying graphics at. We then present you with the most appropriate page for your browser and resolution. We COULD have done the entire WebSite in text, but the graphics wouldn't have come across quite as nicely if displayed in ASCII characters... (koff!)

      There are a number of features on that may need a little documentation... This page will be changing frequently, so you may want to check back fairly often to see what's what...

1.)    On all MyVR4 pages, there are a number of embedded links. Clicking on the graphic will take you to an appropriate URL. If the picture is displaying a single feature, you'll be taken there. If there are multiple features displayed in the graphic, it will take you to the primary. Also... If there are mutltiple features in the graphic, there will be a number of links in the description below the graphic that will take you to an appropriate site.

2.)    Many people don't seem to notice the More selection on the main menu. There are a number of other features available on a submenu when clicking on More.

3.)    The Voting Booth is a vehicle that's used to select which cars will be placed in the Showcase section. The Showcase is meant to depict the nicest 3000GT in its category. The Category is simply the model year and model of the automobile. For instance... 1999 3000GT VR4. We initially had it set up so the cars were judged on looks alone. A lot of flack ensued. I finally saw the light and agreed that the nicest car should be in the Showcase. This should be based on all aspects of the vehicle... not looks alone. And yes... We'll soon have a Stealth section as well... Do you think your ride belongs in the showcase? Send your best pictures to

4.)    Readers' Rides is a section used to display YOUR cars. It's also become a great place to show off modifications. Some of these mods have begun trends in the 3SI community. It's like anything else... If enough people see an appealing new idea, they tend to emulate it. They may do this directly... or indirectly, using the initial mod as the basis and branching off from there. I think this sort of thing is what keeps a community like 3SI alive and well. It also makes our cars stand out from others. Let's face it... They stand out even when they're stock. They're just plain gorgeous. Send your baby's pictures to

Gil Gomes(SUDDEN1)